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The SC TimeClock System consists of the following cloud based modules:

  1. TimeClock Timesheet

    This is the main module to keep track of dancers and staff (Managers, DJ’s) as well as a real time list of dancers that are on the floor.

    The desktop version has a full set of features including:

    • Record new contracted dancers (including pictures) or rejections.
    • Keep track of contract terminations and changes for each dancer.
    • Send mass texts to selected or all active dancers.
    • Send private messages to other staff members.
    • Add post-it type notes.
    • Backend administration of all dancers and staff members.

    The mobile version allows for quick check-in of dancers arriving to the club, as well as the ability to see information regarding each dancer, including a picture.

  2. Tip Tracker

    This is a mobile application that allows the waitstaff to keep track of their tips.

  3. Staff Tracker

    This is a mobile application that allows the managers to see which waitstaff are on the floor.

  4. Booker

    This is a mobile application with a desktop backend that allows the staff to keep track of reservations for tables and booths, as well as VIP customers.

SC Time Clock was has been in service since 2007 in a real adult nightclub environment and fully tested under stress conditions. We listened to the people that actually use our system and has been improved over the years with new features.

SC Time Clock has been designed to be flexible and configurable for all types of clubs and environments. And because your managers can use their laptops and smartphones to access the information, there is no need to purchase new hardware. This keeps upgrading to our system very cost effective.